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Sonita Abrahams

Yoga and Pilates Instructor

Sonita is a certified yoga and pilates instructor, and is founder and operator of Afya Yoga and Pilates Studio, situated in a beautiful outdoor setting in the Liguanea area, Kingston, Jamaica. Sonita has been the Executive Director of RISE Life Management Services for the past 28 years, a non-profit that began its journey as the Addiction Alert Organisation in 1990, operating Jamaica’s first outpatient treatment programme for addictive disorders. She has been recognised for her outstanding contribution to the promotion of Wellness and Healthy Lifestyles in Jamaica, receiving the Individual Wellness and Lifestyle Award for Excellence by the Environmental Health Foundation of Jamaica in 2012. Sonita has been a Hubert Humphrey (Fulbright) Fellow at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) where she focused on policy development and management of health services, with emphasis on substance abuse policy, prevention and treatment. She holds the Masters in Health Sciences from the JHU School of Public Health. Sonita has been recognised for her service to Jamaica’s vulnerable populations, receiving the ‘Because You Care’ Award from the Kiwanis Club of New Kingston in 2010, and the Order of Distinction (OD) for leadership in the areas of Community Development, Youth Employment and the development of comprehensive services for those afflicted with addictive disorders in 2017.

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