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Dr. Sharlene Jarrett - BA, M.Sc., PhD

Behavioural Health Specialist

Sharlene has assisted hundreds of individuals, couples and families in outpatient behavioural health programmes, employee assistance programmes, HIV treatment programmes, community mental health clinics, non-governmental organisations, university counselling centres, and private practice in Jamaica, New York and Massachusetts, USA. A licensed Clinical Psychologist with the State of New York (since 2005) and the Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine in Jamaica (since 2016), she studied at Cornell University; University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Columbia University; New York State Psychiatric Institute and Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, New York. She has served in senior and executive management positions in national health programmes in Jamaica and is an expert public health researcher who leads national research in Jamaica for the University of California, San Francisco. Admired for her warmth, friendliness and humour, she loves her work and is committed to understanding and supporting each client to identify and reach their goals.

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