Dr. Chadane Thompson

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Dr. Chadane Thompson

Primary Care and Telemedicine Specialist

Dr. Chadane Thompson is our Coordinator of Primary Care Medicine and Telemedicine Services at Para Caribe. Dr. Thompson completed his medical training at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica and is a physician and clinical researcher who is passionate about providing patient-centered care and contributing to community development. He is particularly enthusiastic about addressing matters of public health significance and promoting health equity in vulnerable communities. Chadane is actively involved in service organizations, such as the Rotaract Club of New Kingston, where he has led social projects geared towards addressing health and wellness. Furthermore, Chadane is highly motivated by how clinical research can be utilized to improve the lives of patients. As he matures professionally, he hopes to help inspire a greater research culture in local undergraduate medical education. As a future internal medicine physician, he aims to utilize his diverse experiences to provide specialized and holistic medical care to underserved areas. 

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