Online Consultation: Medical Doctor

Online Consultation: Medical Doctor


Connect with a medical doctor about symptoms you may be feeling. Requests for tests such as X-rays or blood tests can be coordinated with a lab near you.

The typical time for this session is 15-30 minutes.

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In-Office Doctor’s Visit: Starting at JA$6,000 or US$40

Please follow these steps to pay for your In-Office Doctor’s Visit:

Step 1: Select Services Required

Please note that fees for additional services are separate from the Consultation Fee to see the Doctor.

Step 2: Select Doctor’s Office Location

Step 3: Enter Name and Phone Number of the patient to be seen

Step 4: Select Appointment date

Step 5: Complete Payment


Step 1: Please select the services required

Package 1: Consultation Fee only (J$6,000 or US$45)

Package 2: J$42,491.40 or US$317.10

In-Office Doctor’s visit fee PLUS Chest X-ray  PLUS EKG Heart Test PLUS Male Executive or Female Executive Lab tests; Coordination of Care Services Fee; lab service fee.

Package 3: J$15,383.20 or US$114.80

In-Office visit PLUS EKG Heart Test PLUS targeted blood tests (select from Additional Services List); Coordination of Care Services Fee; lab service fee.

*Please note that additional charges may apply if additional investigations or interventions are deemed appropriate after evaluating the patient.


Add any additional tests if required 

Additional Tests:

Heart Stress Test (J$17,000 or US$127)

Pap smear (J$2,000 or US$15)

Nose and throat swab (J$6,000 or US$44.80)

Immunisation: Pneumonia vaccine (Prevnar) J$16,000 or US$119.40

Immunisation: Human Papilloma Virus vaccine

  • (MOHWsponsored Boys and girls ages 9 years to 14 years; Females ages 15 years to 26 years) J$ US$
  • Full paying (does not meet Ministry of Health and Wellness criteria) J$18,000 (US$ per dose

Blood test: Liver function  J$6500 /US$48.60

Blood test: Kidney function J$ 4000 /US37.40

Blood test: Lipids/cholesterol J$6200 /US$46.30

Blood test: Thyroid function J$6700 /US$50

Blood test: HbA1c J$3500 / US$26.20

Blood test: Fasting glucose J$2200  /US$16.42

Blood test: Fasting glucose PLUS 2-hours after eating (test for diabetes or ‘sugar’) J$ 3400 / US$25.40

Lab test: Urine culture J$4300 /US$32.10

Rapid HIV test in office J$500 /US$3.80

Rapid Syphilis test in office J$500 /US$3.80


Step 2: Please select Location for In-Office Doctor’s visit

  • Kingston (11 Cunningham Avenue, Kingston 6, near the National Stadium)
  • Mary, Tower Isles (Pompano Commercial Complex, near Area 2 Police Headquarters)


Step 3: Please Enter Name and Phone Number of the patient to be seen

First name of patient:

Last name of patient:

Telephone number of patient:


Step 4: Please select appointment date.

Step 5: Complete Payment


If you have any questions, we would be happy to assist. Please contact us at 876-338-8897 (mobile and WhatsApp) or by email at services@paracaribe.com or social media @ParaCaribeJA on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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