Individual Services

Through our medical services, we bring together some of the most talented clinicians with clients here in Jamaica and clients from beyond our shores. At every step, the customer’s interest and well-being are our priority.

All-Inclusive Services

We handle everything to ensure you have an excellent exprience, from accomodation, transportation all at world class facilites. 

What People Are Saying

“Dr. Yohann White is a consummate professional with a deep commitment to the welfare and wellbeing of his patients.”

Howard Mitchell-Past President, Private Sector Organization of Jamaica.

Led by extremely knowledgeable and capable hands, ParaCaribe is unparalleled in their expertise and service delivery”

Dr Nastassia Rambarran, CEO EBR Consulting 

Our Team


Dr.-Yohann White

Dr. Yohann White

Asha Gaye Graham Thompson

Pierre Leake

Patrick Toppin

Patrick Toppin

Jamaica Cosmetic Dental Services Team

Jamaica Cosmetic Dental Services Team

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