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If Para Caribe ruled the world...

We envisage a world in which everyone realises true wealth for themselves and others, attaining a state of not only preventing physical disease, but creating mental, social, economic and spiritual well-being, and the resilience and mindfulness to adapt to new challenges.

Friends of Para Caribe


Friends of Para Caribe

Equipping you for wellness & success

We're on a mission to use our understanding of human behaviour to influence people to be their best professionally, individually, and socially.


Para Caribe believes in the power of technology. We use it to deliver health and wellness services remotely, such as consultations, diagnoses and even prescriptions - right from your computer or smartphone.

“To positively contribute to a world in which people are the best version of themselves.”

Our Vision

Meet Our Team

Para Caribe Consulting is a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive global experience across academia, industry and public service. We use our research experience and data-driven experience in the understanding of human behaviour to inspire behaviour change in a way that empowers individuals and organisations.

Dr. Yohann White

Travel Health Specialist

Dr. Sharlene Jarrett

Behavioral Health Specialist

Natalie Murray

Lifestyle and Nutrition Coach

Sonita Abrahams

Yoga and Pilates Instructor

Our Partners

We collaborate to create lasting value and unique experiences for the people we serve.

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