We are Passionate About Heath & Wellness

Para Caribe’s mission has always been to lift health and well-being through evidence-based approaches. We have been doing this since 2014, when we started delivering continuing educational programmes for healthcare providers to empower them to deliver quality care. Para Caribe Consulting is duly registered with the Companies Office of Jamaica, having its principal place of business at 11 Cunningham Avenue, Kingston 6, St. Andrew, Jamaica.

What We Do

Para Caribe Consulting is known by professionals, business leaders and managers for excellence in continuing professional education, training, and evidence-based approaches to preserving the health and well-being of employees across a variety of organisations in the public and private sectors. Para Caribe has been supporting a number of organisations across Jamaica through data-driven decision-making in health, and through research and consultancies with organisations that span businesses, public service entities, and regional and international philanthropic aid agencies.

Our Services

Whether it is an individual walking into our clinical offices or a medium-size or large organisation developing workplace wellness programmes, we are committed to a customer-centric approach.


Our Team

Our team brings its extensive international experience across academia, industry, and non-governmental organisations to bear on its work with clients.

We bring our collective experience in research and the scientific method, both quantitative and qualitative, to solving challenges in the workplace that impact human potential. 

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